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April 18, 2024

White Paper: The Hidden Influence of Executive LinkedIn Profiles on Your Business

A customer's first impression of your company can often come from an unexpected source - your employees' LinkedIn profiles! In our years of helping executives with corporate and personal branding, we observed that people draw quick conclusions about companies from the LinkedIn profiles of their employees. However, the lack of research on this topic makes […]
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December 11, 2023

Brand Consistency Checklist to Build Brand Recognition and Trust

To strengthen your brand recognition and increase consumer confidence, we created a brand consistency checklist to help you make improvements. Companies large and small have challenges maintaining brand consistency. Bigger companies may have more resources, but more possibilities for oversight. Smaller companies often lack the resources and expertise to get the job done. Regardless of […]
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August 7, 2023

Staying On-Brand: The Power of Effective Brand Messaging

Companies often say that it’s important for their employees to be “on-brand,” but what does this mean exactly? A team that's on-brand communicates in a way that aligns with the brand's values, culture and identity. They drive a cohesive and consistent brand experience, which converts prospects and retains customers. When people aren't on-brand, their inconsistent […]
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