Corporate Branding

To attract customers and drive revenue, your company needs brand trust and credibility.

This requires strategic, consistent brand messaging and the support of all employees. It is a challenge when you have endless priorities and ignoring it puts business at risk.

Point Road Group supports your growth with a powerful brand experience, so you don’t leave business on the table.

Stand out and succeed with:

Brand messaging that aligns with business goals -- and that your team communicates effectively
Revamped LinkedIn strategy to optimize company presence
Executives and employees who demonstrate brand excellence
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"We came to them to help us more closely connect with prospects and clients to drive new business and a great client experience. They delivered on all fronts, elevating our people’s presence through LinkedIn, corporate bios, video presence and brand ambassadors."
Richard Gardiner, CMO, Edge Technology Group
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"Point Road Group helped us address the gaps in our messaging by writing a new company overview, so we stand out on LinkedIn and attract the right customers and talent organically. Working closely with our team, they crafted new brand messaging that reflects who we are today and implemented a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy for us. By teaching our entire team how to improve their profiles and communication, everyone at Carey & Co is now a brand ambassador, contributing to our growth."
Travis Carey, CEO, Carey & Co
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"We have a much stronger brand that connects with prospects. We needed a more clear and consistent message about who we are and how we help clients – and now we have that. PRG was a great partner, helping us improve how we introduce our brand through website content, corporate bios and company/individual LinkedIn profiles and content engagement. Everything is aligned and we’re seeing the increase in business already!"
Jenifer Steig, Partner, The Cheshire Group
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Corporate Branding Services

Three-part, High-touch Program

Brand Messaging

After learning about your business goals, we audit your current brand strategy and messaging. We then craft new messaging that showcases your solutions and resonates with prospects, customers and potential talent.


  • Improved brand messaging
  • Brand consistency across website, social media etc.
  • Team training for employees to implement new brand messaging
  • Accountability and progress check-ins

LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn acts as the face of your company to 140+ million daily users, including prospects and potential employees. A strong, comprehensive presence on the platform has a real positive impact on your business every day.


  • New About page content aligned with brand messaging
  • Revamped content engagement strategy
  • Accountability and progress check-ins

Employee Branding

Employees as brand advocates improve trust and credibility, which attracts and retains customers. We train employees to represent your brand optimally so they always deliver a consistent brand experience.


  • Executive branding and coaching for leadership team
  • Team training on communications and presentation skills, LinkedIn profile optimization and content engagement strategies
  • Accountability and progress check-ins

What kind of brand experience does your team deliver?

Find out with our 3-minute assessment.
Brand Consistency Assessment | Point Road Group


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