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Cheshire Group LLC
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"Point Road Group is a great partner, leading a goal-driven program that fit our people and culture. We came to them to help us more closely connect with prospects and clients to drive new business and a great client experience. They delivered on all fronts, elevating our people’s presence through LinkedIn, corporate bios, video presence and brand ambassadors."
Richard Gardiner, CMO
Edge Technology Group
"After working with Point Road Group, we have a much stronger brand that connects with prospects. We needed a more clear and consistent message about who we are and how we help clients – and now we have that. Most important, our team’s personal brands are stronger too, which is critical as leaders of a real estate investment & consulting firm. PRG was a great partner, helping us improve how we introduce our brand through website content, corporate bios and company/individual LinkedIn profiles and content engagement. Everything is aligned and we’re seeing the increase in business already!"
Jenifer Steig, Partner
The Cheshire Group

What We Do.

Point Road Group helps companies strengthen connections and opportunities with prospects, customers, potential talent, investors, the board and other important stakeholders by enabling their people to make powerful impressions that drive results. 

Through employee training, executive coaching, personal brand material development, presentations & workshops and onboarding programs, we make people a company's best asset. 
Discover how our unique programs help:

Work With Us.

When you partner with Point Road Group, you work with a team that is 100% committed to your success.

Competitive Advantage

Technical excellence alone won't enable your team to connect with prospects & retain customers. Strengthening the personal brands of your employees is a competitive advantage that drives a positive customer experience, increasing business instead of costing it.

Immediate Impact

Providing your team with practical, actionable guidance improves brand impressions today. Customizing programs to your company's unique needs, we train your people to make better impressions & connections in all they do to drive business forward with confidence & skill.

Talent Development

Training for the executive team, sales, engineering, client-facing staff and other employees shows a genuine commitment to their development & success. This improves employee engagement, performance & retention -- and is a differentiator in the competitive market for talent. 

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