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Point Road Group is a global personal branding firm that helps companies make better brand impressions through their people.


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Impressions impact business.

Always make the best ones possible.

Why Work With Us

Impressions people have about a corporate brand are largely influenced by personal brands of employees. We help your people make the best impressions virtually and in-person to strengthen relationships, drive opportunities and move business forward.

With a comprehensive strategic approach, Point Road Group makes personal brands our priority so companies and employees can achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively. With diversity in background and expertise, our team seamlessly combines talents to deliver an exceptional, full-service experience.

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Corporate Services

Point Road Group works with growth-oriented companies who invest in their people.

Your People Are Your Brand

  • Employee brands influence what people think about your company
  • Impressions they make virtually & in-person impact relationships
  • Those relationships impact opportunities & revenue
  • Brand consistency through employees promotes trust

Strong Personal Brands Impact Your Business

  • Supporting employee brands strengthens their engagement
  • Productivity increases with engaged employees
  • Risk is reduced when teams are productive & engaged
  • Turnover is reduced when teams feel supported

Some Companies We’ve Worked With

How We Help

We work with leadership teams, departments and entire companies. Our programs cover virtual executive presence, LinkedIn, personal branding, networking and communications. We also provide outplacement for those in transition.

Virtual Presence Optimization

Executive Presence For Leadership Teams

Tailored Workshops & Webinars

Customized Outplacement

Individual Services

Point Road Group provides personal branding and career consulting services for C-suite executives and senior leaders. Our strategic and personalized approach helps you strengthen your personal brand, communicate your value and make powerful impressions to achieve your professional goals.

Career Advancement Essentials

Career Coaching

Executive Personal Branding

Board-Ready Executive Branding

Are you making the best possible impressions?

Point Road Group can help.

Upcoming Virtual Events

Point Road Group partners with companies, professional associations and nonprofits to create interactive programs tailored to the unique needs and interests of each audience. We ensure that attendees of our webinars and in-person events walk away with actionable guidance and inspiration after every event!

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