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Point Road Group leads presentations and workshops that educate and inspire participants through actionable advice, insights, real life examples and best practices. We tailor interactive and engaging programs to the unique needs and goals of each company. We share our expertise with executive leadership and sales teams; emerging leaders, women and other shared interest groups; and entire companies.

Programs are led in-person, virtually or hybrid.

Read about our most popular programs below and contact us to discuss how we can help your group.

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Popular Programs

Sharpening Your Personal Brand

Professional success is influenced by your personal brand. The impressions you make on others through your brand impacts opportunities. This interactive session teaches attendees how to optimize their personal brands to drive credibility, visibility and influence. A stronger brand builds confidence and helps move careers forward.

We’ll cover ways to strengthen key aspects of your personal brand including:

• LinkedIn presence
• How you lead meetings & presentations
• How you introduce yourself
• Communications habits
• Body language & tone
• Executive presence
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Communicating With Impact

Communicating effectively and clearly is critical to business success. It’s also a vital reflection of your personal brand. This interactive workshop empowers attendees to communicate with confidence to achieve desired results.

We’ll cover how to:

• Write more effective emails/messages on collaborative platforms
• Avoid words that weaken any communication
• Ensure clarity to avoid misinterpretation
• Improve response time (as recipient or sender)
• Lead a meeting or important conversation from a position of power
• Optimize delivery with body language and tone
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Increasing Visibility Through LinkedIn Content Engagement

Interacting with content on LinkedIn influences what people think about you and your company. Posting, Commenting, Liking and Sharing gets you and your company noticed so it’s beneficial to incorporate current best practices, tips and tricks. Engaging with content also increases credibility and connection so it’s important to have a strategic approach, regardless of the amount of time you spend on LinkedIn.

Learn the best ways to:

• Identify content types and sources
• Determine posting mix and frequency
• Write a post
• Optimize how you Comment, Like and Share
• Amplify engagement through tagging and hashtags
• Interact with your company’s posts
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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is a critical part of your personal brand. It’s a highly visible source of information impacting what people think about you and your company. When someone looks you up on LinkedIn, do they find a complete, current and compelling picture of who you are, including your expertise and unique value? Are key profile sections optimized? Are you “on brand” when mentioning your company?

In this session, learn to strengthen your profile with:

• An impactful Headshot
• An effective Headline
• An About section that provides a compelling overview of your background, expertise & unique value
• An informative Experience section showing what you do in your current role
• Relevant hard and soft Skills
• Other ways to stand out
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Building A Board-Ready Brand

How you position and brand yourself for a board search is different than how you do so for a job search. This engaging session helps both first-time and experienced directors understand how to communicate their value and brand effectively for a board search.

We’ll cover ways to strengthen key aspects of your brand including:

• Clarifying your board value & why you want to serve on a board
• Optimizing your LinkedIn profile & content engagement
• What makes a strong board resume & board bio
• Introducing yourself and telling your story effectively
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Additional Programs

• Standing Out With Executive Presence
• Navigating Difficult Conversations
• How To Give A Presentation That Will Knock Their Socks Off 

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We also lead programs on other related topics. If there's something you're interested in, let us know!

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