September 12, 2021

5 Ways Being A Brand Ambassador Supercharges Your Career

Being an effective employee brand ambassador isn't just good for business, it’s good for your career too. When you help drive company brand awareness and credibility, you simultaneously improve your own visibility and personal brand. As an employee brand ambassador, here are some key areas where you’ll personally benefit:

1. LinkedIn Presence

A strong LinkedIn presence is critical to being a brand ambassador because the platform is a high impact place to generate positive corporate brand interest with stakeholders. This exposure also heightens your individual visibility and influence.

To augment increased social media activity, an effective brand ambassador has a current and complete profile as well. This personally benefits you by enabling deeper connections and building trust with current and potential contacts. A strong profile also attracts and improves access to individual business and career opportunities.

Brand advocates interact with content from their company and/or that which is relevant to its stakeholders. This can enhance your reputation and visibility as a valuable resource. Posting informative content builds credibility, shows expertise and sparks engagement with your network and beyond, which further boosts your exposure.

Reflecting company pride and dedication through things like a branded banner image on your profile or engaging with colleagues’ posts can attract business partners and competitors that are seeking talent who know how to champion a business.

2. Networking

When you “get out there” to interact, create awareness and spread the word about your company and its products and services, you'll meet people and develop relationships with those who can help you achieve business success today and advance your career going forward. Networking both in and outside of your company opens doors to connect with people who share your professional interests, can make strategic introductions on your behalf and provide access to opportunities.

3. Presentations

Since various stakeholders, like current and potential clients, referral partners etc., see your communications skills on display as a brand ambassador during presentations or product demos, it will fuel your interest in making optimal impressions and drive you to strengthen delivery skills (body language, eye contact, speech cadence etc.), sharpen word choice and hone how you connect with different audiences. Polished and persuasive presentation skills can help you convey expertise, build favorability and achieve success -- not just as a brand ambassador, but in your regular role and pursuit of future opportunities too.

4. Recognition By Senior Leaders

Effective brand ambassadors don’t just draw attention externally; their actions are often recognized and rewarded by company leaders as well. Those who show their passion about the company and drive awareness through activities are often given more consideration for opportunities than those who may get their job done, but are otherwise less engaged. Contributing positively to corporate culture increases your internal visibility and can improve standing when it’s time for management to select someone to lead a special initiative or client project, or an opportunity for promotion arises.

5. Professional Development

Companies are more willing to invest in the development of brand ambassadors because they show loyalty to the company and it will further enhance their effectiveness in what they do. You can personally benefit from access to professional development areas like executive coaching, presentation guidance, advanced social media training, management development etc. Sharpening these skills increases job effectiveness and engagement. It also supports career advancement, including expansion into areas outside of your role like speaking engagements, volunteer leadership positions and board seats.

Proudly displaying company affiliation and promoting its positive attributes as a brand ambassador can benefit your own personal visibility in addition to that of the company. The efforts you make will strengthen your personal brand, spark network growth and generate opportunities, all of which drive career success.

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