Reach More Prospects & Talent On LinkedIn By Tackling 3 Common Challenges

Published on June 20, 2022

Your prospects and potential talent are on LinkedIn, but are you reaching as many as you could be? Companies don’t realize the extent of missed business and recruitment opportunities on LinkedIn because their employees – their best assets – don’t represent the company brand effectively.

Point Road Group helps companies increase visibility and credibility with prospects, potential talent and other key contacts on LinkedIn by strengthening brand impressions made by the company and its employees.  

We’ve compiled some of the most common mistakes we see companies make on LinkedIn and our high-impact solutions to fix them. 

Select The Right Company

Employee LinkedIn profiles strengthen impressions of your company -- but only if they link to the correct company!

Consider our insurance company client where 50% of its employees had selected the wrong company affiliation under the Experience section on their LinkedIn profiles. This was especially problematic because any time a prospect or new client viewed the company's LinkedIn Page (to learn about who was on the team), half of the employees were missing – including many from the leadership and sales teams!

Employees were largely unaware of their mistake and failed to realize its impact on the corporate brand. This is a common problem with an easy, but critical, fix.

Ensuring that employees select the right employer on their profiles enables prospects to:

  • See the expertise of your employees when viewing profiles -- increasing credibility;
  • Identify common connections between their networks and yours -- driving trust and differentiating you from the competition;
  • Form an impression of your company based on a complete team picture -- reinforcing brand strength.

Communicate Current & Consistent Customer Value

As this insurance company grew, their services and client size evolved. They updated messaging on their website, but continued to communicate older information on their LinkedIn Company Page. Conflicting details about the benefits of doing business with them confused and diluted the core message of their value to customers.

We fixed this problem by rewriting their Company Page content to unify brand messaging. Today, when prospects view the company, they find current information about how they help customers, what products/services they offer, what makes them unique etc.

Get Employees Involved

LinkedIn is a critical recruitment resource, especially for growing companies -- and employees make a big impact when they follow their company’s LinkedIn Company Page. We partnered with a fast-growing technology services firm that was rapidly expanding its team. Only a handful of employees were following their LinkedIn company page and even fewer interacted with company posts. Low employee engagement reflected poorly on the company whenever potential hires researched it on LinkedIn because job candidates notice the enthusiasm and support of current employees – or lack thereof.

We developed and implemented a strategy for the technology firm for both immediate and longer-term impact. It helped their staff understand how interacting with company LinkedIn posts not only improved company visibility and reach, but also strengthened their own individual brands and visibility as well. We started by providing guidance to follow their Company Page, making it easier to see and engage with company content. We then provided training on how to post, like, comment and share content effectively.

Some major benefits of getting your team up-to-speed on LinkedIn (according to LinkedIn’s own research):

  • Employee-shared content gets double the click-through-rate of company-shared content.
  • Total employee networks average 10X larger than their Company Page’s followers.
  • Company Pages connected to engaged employees see 7X more job views, 4X more applications, 8X more pageviews and 4X more followers.
  • Salespeople who regularly share quality content are 45% more likely to exceed their sales quotas.

There's Always Room For Improvement

Every day, we see companies miss opportunities to connect with potential customers and talent on LinkedIn. At Point Road Group, we help them by identifying gaps and developing and implementing solutions to drive business.

Click here to contact us for a complimentary review of your company's LinkedIn presence. Together, we can ensure your brand and employees resonate with the people you want to reach on LinkedIn to grow your business.

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