3 Things Companies Must Prioritize On LinkedIn

Published on February 10, 2022

A strong company presence on LinkedIn increases visibility and credibility, which are critical for attracting business and talent. Your LinkedIn Company page should help those looking for your products/services, expertise and employment opportunities to find you. Sharing quality content, along with high employee participation and follower counts, will further amplify reach and build authenticity and trust with new visitors.

Some key areas to focus on to ensure your company attracts attention and makes great impressions on LinkedIn include:

1. Review Your Company Page

Pay Attention To Details

Review the tagline in the header, About section (company description) and Specialties list – are they complete and current? Remember, LinkedIn is searchable, so include key areas of expertise and services to make the company easier to find. Not only does optimizing content help with discovery while on LinkedIn, it can also improve the company page ranking in search engine results (like Google).

Get The Team On Board

Look at the number of current employees listed on your company page – is it close to how many employees you have? While some difference is expected (not everyone is on LinkedIn), if there’s a big spread, work to ensure that all those with a LinkedIn profile correctly associate their employment with you.

Too often, employees select and associate with the wrong company (e.g., parent company or one with similar name), or none, because they enter the name differently than the official listing on LinkedIn. Share the correct company page URL with your team so they follow it and link their profile to it under their Experience section. (Go an extra mile and share LinkedIn profile updating tips with the team too; how they present themselves also reflects on the company.)

2. Sharpen Content Posting Strategy

Quantity vs. Quality

Are you posting too much or not enough? More is not necessarily better. Recent research from LinkedIn marketing experts suggests that publishing more than 8 posts/week on the company page decreases reach by up to 30%. The bottom line: aim for quality over quantity because the LinkedIn algorithm prioritizes “good” over “frequent” content engagement.

What’s “Good” Content Anyway?

Are people engaging with your posts? If not, change things up. Diversify type of content (e.g., video, images, article links, polls) and topics to show that you add value – and relevant information – to people’s newsfeeds. For balance, LinkedIn recommends the 4-1-1 rule: for every 6 pieces of content, include 4 that are third-party/curated, one that’s owned/company-related and one that’s promotional.

When posting, take care with the first few lines of text. Clicking on “See More” is a more impactful form of engagement than a Like; posts with fewer than 3 lines average 20% less reach!

Experiment With Timing

Searches for “the best” time to post content yield a lot of different recommendations when accounting for factors, like industry and whether you’re B2B or B2C. As a rule, consider when target audiences are most active on LinkedIn and post accordingly. This requires trial and error. Experiment with different types of posts and timing, then evaluate results to identify the times that gain traction, especially with the right viewers. Repeat what works and adjust what doesn’t (and note that it will likely differ from what works best when posting individually).

3. Grow Your Follower Base

Invite People

More followers lead to broader reach. Under Admin tools, the page’s Super Admin and Content Admins can use “Invite connections to follow” to send an automated message to selected connections asking them to follow the company page. Invitation limits reset monthly.

Tap Into Employee Power

Employee engagement with company content drives visibility, expands reach and attracts new followers. Per LinkedIn, employees average a 10X larger network than a company has in followers, so when they engage with company posts, the posts yield more views with wider audiences.

Encourage employees to act as brand ambassadors, posting about and inviting their networks to follow the company page. Content receives 2X the engagement when posted by employees vs. companies (according to LinkedIn). Plus, employees’ posts about companies are viewed as 3X more trustworthy than CEO posts (according to the Edelman Trust Barometer). Facilitate employee sharing by providing them with copy and other collateral to post.

LinkedIn is a valuable platform for attracting business and talent – if your company knows how to leverage it. Prioritize company page messaging, content posting strategy and follower growth to strengthen overall presence. A sharper message, high-quality content and broader reach on LinkedIn will drive visibility, credibility and – ultimately – business.

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