Why Companies Should Invest in Employee Personal Branding

Published on October 9, 2023

Companies that limit personal branding assistance to senior executives are missing an incredible opportunity. Investing in employee personal branding transforms every team member into a valuable brand asset and bolsters your company's competitive edge.

Personal brand training – strategically focused on critical elements like LinkedIn profiles, headshots, email responsiveness and personal introductions – creates positive brand experiences and enhances the credibility of your people. This has a direct positive impact on relationships and ultimately revenue.

Advantages of Investing in Employee Personal Branding

  • Great impressions on prospects. The “face” of your company in the eyes of prospects could be anyone they interact with from your organization. How those in finance, sales, HR, executive leadership and elsewhere conduct themselves (in-person and virtually) shapes the trust that potential customers have in your company.
  • Consistent brand experience. When everyone aligns how and what they communicate about their role with overall company messaging, they contribute to delivering a more consistent, positive corporate brand experience.
  • Networking power. Employees who make great impressions when they introduce themselves and discuss their company have richer conversations and develop stronger connections. Coaching focused on this aspect of personal branding, as well as how and when to follow up, sets these employees apart as effective relationship builders. These skills are critical to business growth.
  • Enhanced recruiting. In the competition for talent, the strongest candidates seek out organizations with a robust employer brand. Employees with sharp personal brands cast first impressions that reflect well on their company and make it more attractive to current and potential candidates.
  • Improved company culture. Strengthening employees’ personal brands shows that the company recognizes everyone’s unique influence on success. Employees also feel more valued when their company invests in their professional development. Supported employees are more satisfied and engaged in their roles, leading to greater team retention and productivity.
  • Employee advancement. Strong employee personal brands drive visibility and credibility with colleagues and leadership, enhancing internal relationships. These efforts lead to more opportunities for internal promotion and career advancement, which also supports succession planning.

How Can Companies Support Employee Personal Branding?

Companies ready to improve employee branding should start by prioritizing initiatives. Consider what will benefit the larger group first (e.g., new headshots, LinkedIn profile optimization, presentation coaching). Next consider specific needs for focused subsets, such as executive teams (e.g., corporate bios, executive presence coaching). From there, you can pull in the appropriate resources and experts to help your team become your greatest asset.

Need help implementing an Employee Personal Branding program at your company? Contact Point Road Group to get started.

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