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The Complete Guide To
Preparing For A Job Search

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Job Search Guide

If looking for a new job feels a bit overwhelming, Point Road Group’s Job Search Guide will help. It brings together key resources to best prepare you for taking the next step in your career.

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Understanding The Hiring Process

The hiring process can vary across companies, but some factors remain consistent. Learn how to optimize your job search plan – and understand what’s happening on “the other side of the desk” so you stand out as a strong candidate.

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Making Introductions & Networking

Networking pays off only after taking the time to develop and maintain connections. Here’s a look at how to introduce yourself, make connections and deepen professional relationships before you need them.

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Using LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is a powerful platform to increase visibility, grow your network and drive opportunity. That is, when you have a complete profile, connect strategically and engage with relevant content. Explore how to get your LinkedIn profile in great shape and then take your presence to the next level through strategic network growth and content engagement.

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Writing A Resume Or Bio

When writing your resume, don’t make the mistake of presenting a “laundry list” of job duties or overemphasizing responsibilities from 10 years ago that no longer relate to your goals. Instead, convey who you are today and what unique value you bring to the table – and clearly connect that experience to the positions you want to pursue now. Similarly, when writing a bio, craft a compelling story that highlights the experience, skills and interests that best align with what you do today and want to do tomorrow.

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Communicating My Personal Brand

The way you present yourself in-person and online affects how you’re perceived by others. How you appear and engage on video, your communications habits, LinkedIn presence and much more shape impressions, and they influence job opportunities (internally & externally) as well as business opportunities too.

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Professional Development

Professional development strengthens your personal brand and gives you a competitive edge when you’re ready to embark on a job search. Engage in activities that will keep you plugged into your industry and its best practices, plus look for special projects or interests to help grow your network as well.

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Receiving an invitation to interview is a sign that your efforts to market yourself have paid off and captured the interest of a potential employer. Now is the time to prepare for that conversation as throughly as possible so you’re ready to confidently show that you’re the candidate of choice.

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Final Steps

After interviewing, job seekers often must “hurry up and wait” for employers to make decisions. Use this time to prepare for how you’ll handle the possible outcomes. Hiring is a two-way street; the position needs to work for you as well as the employer. What do you need from an offer for it to meet or exceed your expectations? And if you lose out on an opportunity, how will you respond?

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A job search is a journey that requires time, effort and determination. Each step can be exciting and frustrating, but the more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the better positioned you’ll be to achieve your career goals!

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