Board Director Branding

Landing a board seat is highly competitive and takes time.
The board search process, as well as how you position and brand yourself as a new or experienced director, is different than how you do so for a job search.
To stand out from the competition, you need:
  • A personal brand that communicates the value you bring to the boardroom;
  • Board materials -- resume, bio and LinkedIn profile -- that convey your experience and expertise optimally;
  • Skills to introduce yourself and tell your story in a board-relevant way.
Point Road Group gets you board-ready.
  • Clarify your board value
  • Create your board resume & bio
  • Optimize LinkedIn your profile
  • Introduce yourself with impact
  • Personalized, board-focused coaching
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Get the Board Director Branding Guide! | Point Road Group

Looking to optimize how you position and brand yourself for a board search? With Point Road Group's Board Director Branding Guide, you will:

  • Better understand the board search process.
  • Learn how to optimize your board resume, board bio & LinkedIn profile.
  • Uncover additional ways to enhance your board candidacy and more!

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