Executive Personal Branding & Career Consulting Services

Point Road Group provides executive personal branding and career consulting services. With a strategic and personalized approach, we help C-suite executives, board directors, senior leaders and experienced professionals strengthen their personal brands, communicate their value and make powerful impressions to achieve their goals.

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Career Advancement Essentials

Looking for a new job requires more than a good resume to stand out from the competition. Our comprehensive program ensures you communicate your unique value and make powerful impressions on potential employers and business contacts from every angle. Addressing best practices for all aspects of the job search, we ensure you have a strong plan to pursue your next position and the support to get started.

A fast-track version of this package is also available.

Services may include:

  • Career strategy
  • Resume & LinkedIn profile creation
  • Job search, networking & interviewing guidance
  • 1 month of strategic support

Career & Personal Brand Consulting

Our hourly consulting services provide focused attention when you want immediate help with specific personal branding and career challenges. We offer high-impact personalized guidance, strategies and action items to help you move forward so you can achieve your goals. A two-hour minimum is required for the initial session. We offer two, five and ten hour packages.

Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • LinkedIn assistance
  • Networking guidance
  • Resume, bio and LinkedIn profile review
  • Interview preparation
  • Career strategy & job search advising
  • Job offer & salary negotiation

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Assessment

This expert evaluation offers strategic feedback and valuable recommendations for those who want to optimize their current resume and LinkedIn profile immediately to pursue jobs, board roles and other opportunities.

Services include:

  • Comprehensive review & assessment of existing resume & LinkedIn profile
  • Strategic, actionable recommendations to strengthen your materials

Boardroom Readiness

When pursuing a board seat, how you market and present yourself is different from the way you would for a job search. Whether you’ve served as a director or would like to become one, we offer services that can help.

Services may include:
  • Personal brand assessment as a board candidate
  • Board value identification
  • LinkedIn profile, bio & resume creation
  • Networking guidance

Student & Recent Graduate Programs

For those just starting out, navigating the current virtual job search landscape poses unique challenges. Adapting strategies from our executive personal branding services, we guide and support students and new graduates looking to secure a job upon graduation or a summer internship. Our programs help individuals learn how to create a strong resume and LinkedIn profile, network effectively, prepare for interviews and navigate job search best practices.

Programs include:
  • Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile: introductory webinar
  • Job Search Bootcamp: webinar series on resumes, LinkedIn & interviewing
  • 4-Week Structured Job Coaching Package: 1:1 sessions on career direction & job search planning, resume review, LinkedIn profile review, networking & interviewing best practices
  • Comprehensive Career Consulting: a student version of our Job Seeker Essentials, tailored to their unique needs

Virtual Presence

Maximizing your online presence and making a strong, positive impression is critical. It impacts relationships, credibility, job opportunities and business. We’ll help you to optimize your virtual persona from every perspective.

Services may include:

  • Guidance for an optimal set up for video meetings/webinars
  • Best practices for engaging & following etiquette during video calls
  • Suggestions to make sure you look your best on video
  • Optimization of your LinkedIn presence (profile, connecting & content engagement)
  • Strategies to manage distraction
  • Effective communications habits when dealing with new challenges
  • Networking strategies

Personal Brand Optimization

Strengthening your personal brand – focusing on both virtual & in-person impressions – is beneficial when developing business, working with clients, pursuing speaking engagements, positioning yourself as an expert & thought leader or seeking job or board opportunities. We carefully evaluate your personal brand from every angle to ensure you make powerful impressions in every business situation.

We offer basic and premium versions.

Services may include:

  • Comprehensive personal brand assessment
  • Strategic & actionable plan for improvement
  • Implementation guidance & support
  • LinkedIn profile, bio & resume creation
  • Guidance to strengthen in-person & digital presence

Interview Preparation

Preparation is key before job interviews. Our strategic guidance and support will boost your confidence, helping you differentiate yourself from the competition so you receive an offer. This is important whether you haven’t looked for a job in years (or ever), are pivoting in a new direction or targeting a specific job.

We offer general and position-specific preparation.

Services may include:

  • Research on companies, stakeholders, employees, jobs
  • Interview strategies, mock interviewing & question preparation
  • Follow-up best practices (including thank-you emails)
  • Advice on reference preparation/management
  • Guidance on job offer evaluation & salary negotiation

Executive Coaching

As an executive, you have limited time and opportunity to devote to your own leadership development. Many organizations assume that once executives reach the senior level, they have all of the skills and guidance they need. Professional development is ongoing; we help you continue on your path.

Our executive coaching will help you:
  • Improve self-awareness & executive presence
  • Communicate with impact
  • Clarify professional & development goals
  • Unlock leadership potential
  • Improve collaboration & team engagement to drive outcomes
  • Expand network & knowledge base
  • Tackle challenges with an impartial sounding board

Referral Network

As an added benefit to our clients, drawing from our relationships with service providers in related areas of personal branding that meet our standards of quality, professionalism and customer service, we can provide referrals to:

  • Headshot photographer
  • Stylist
  • Presentation coach
  • Creative designer
  • Video producer

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