Corporate Bios: A Critical Tool To Elevate A Company Brand

Published on May 22, 2023

Corporate bios help people – especially potential customers and talent – learn about a company's leadership team, board of directors and other key players. Written by the company, they provide insight into the roles, backgrounds, expertise and unique things that specific people contribute to help the company succeed.

Remarkably, companies often overlook this important information source – and it’s far from inconsequential. When bios on a company website are outdated, inconsistently written and lack detail, they leave new contacts with an incomplete and sometimes inaccurate impression of the people and their company. This can have a direct impact on new business opportunities and recruitment.

Why prioritize corporate bios?

People read company bios to get to the core of who is behind your brand:

  • Prospects doing their own research can learn more about the people they’ll engage with if they work with you.
  • Referrals from satisfied customers have one place to get a snapshot of key players (vs looking up individuals on LinkedIn).
  • Job candidates seek various information sources to learn about who leads the company they might join and who they would report to.
  • Conference planners link to (and pull) information when top people are speakers and panelists.

Corporate bios are also used as research for business development efforts, strategic partnerships, PR and potential investment and acquisitions. The content readers encounter shapes their views of individual executives and the company overall – and influences their business decisions.

Bios shed light on how a company describes its key players. This is different from LinkedIn where individuals are responsible for creating their profiles (though it’s also in a company’s best interest to offer guidance that promotes brand consistency across employee profiles).

What happens when bios are an afterthought?

If your company doesn't make strong, aligned corporate bios a priority, you risk making the wrong impression and lose the opportunity to build trust with potential customers, talent and other stakeholders.

This issue drives what we at Point Road Group do: help companies deliver consistent, positive brand experiences through their people. Neglected corporate bios are one of the brand weaknesses we frequently identify and remedy through writing stronger versions that complement one another to make the company and their people look great.

How do you tell if corporate bios need a refresh?

When assessing a company’s brand strengths and weaknesses, some of the common inconsistencies we find among corporate bios include:

  • Company information: Content about critical information, like customer focus or products/services, varies from one bio to the next.
  • Level of detail: Some bios include topline content only (almost generic to anyone on team), while others get very specific in detail and context.
  • LinkedIn: Information is different from content on executive LinkedIn profiles.

Getting these elements, and others like voice, tone and length, on the same page, contributes to building an optimal brand experience.

What’s an extra benefit of strong, aligned corporate bios?

Sharp, current and informative corporate bios don’t just benefit your company -- they benefit the individual players too, strengthening their credibility and visibility. Investing time to ensure key people are presented well increases employee satisfaction, which then drives their motivation to engage on your behalf.

What if your team doesn’t have time for this?

Producing well-written, high-impact and coordinated bios often takes a back seat to competing priorities in marketing and communications. However, this is not a good reason to ignore the problem indefinitely. If your team lacks the bandwidth to write corporate bios in-house, Point Road Group can do the heavy lifting.

Contact us today so your company's bios become an asset that positively impacts brand experience.

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