Board Director
Personal Branding

A resume & LinkedIn profile that aren't optimized for a board search will limit your success in landing a board director seat.
Do you use the same resume that you would use when looking for a job?

Does your LinkedIn profile only contain basic information and exclude key board-relevant details?

Do you fail to communicate the value you bring to the boardroom?

Do you struggle to articulate why you want to serve on a public or private company board?
A "yes" to any of the above indicates your personal brand isn't board-ready. We can help.
Tell your story for a board search.
We partner with new & experienced directors to:
  • Create a board resume & bio
  • Create LinkedIn profile content
  • Optimize LinkedIn content engagement
  • Improve other personal brand aspects
  • Ensure effective networking strategies

Find out if your resume & LinkedIn profile are board-ready.

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