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Alyssa Gelbard is the Founder and CEO of Point Road Group, a unique branding firm that helps companies deliver a consistent, positive brand experience through their people.

She leads a highly skilled team that works with diverse companies to improve how their employees communicate and engage to drive prospect and customer engagement. Alyssa also directs the company’s Executive Branding practice.

An expert and frequent speaker on personal branding, effective communications and board search readiness, Alyssa is a strong advocate for getting more women into the C-suite and boardroom and is proud to have built a company led by women. Her unique perspective stems from a background in strategic marketing, branding and communications, where she held leadership roles in the biomedical research, technology and sports & entertainment industries.

Alyssa serves on the Advisory Boards of Peterra Kitchen and the Graduate Sports Management Program at Endicott College. She sits on the Board of Directors of Financial Executives International, is Career Management Chair of Financial Executives International (NY Chapter) and Co-President of the Private Directors Association (NY Chapter). Alyssa is an elected member of the Tufts University Alumni Council, serving on the Finance Committee and co-chairs the Tufts Women's Network in New York.

Alyssa has an MBA in Marketing from NYU Stern School of Business, a BA in Sociology from Tufts University and a Certificate in Private Company Governance from the Private Directors Association.

Alyssa Gelbard, Founder & CEO of Point Road Group
Alyssa Gelbard
Founder & CEO

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