Improving Team Impressions

Are your team’s communications habits, virtual presentation skills & LinkedIn presence costing you business?  

Much of business today is conducted virtually, whether your staff is working in-office, virtual or hybrid. How executives, senior leaders, sales staff and the rest of the team come across really matters.  

Point Road Group helps teams make better impressions on key stakeholders to drive connection, strengthen relationships, improve credibility and move business forward. 

Working with growth-oriented companies, we help you leverage the power of your people and their influence as a competitive advantage to drive results.
Your employees will receive actionable guidance to:
  • Communicate with impact internally & externally
  • Optimize LinkedIn to drive visibility & connection
  • Improve presence & interaction during virtual meetings
  • Lead virtual & hybrid presentations effectively
  • Connect & network with better results
  • Engage on social media without increasing corporate risk

Find out if your team makes impressions that drive or cost business.

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