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Professional Visibility

How To Build Better Professional Visibility

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Increasing professional visibility can contribute positively to business success and career advancement. The more that people know of and about you, the greater likelihood that they will view you as a go-to expert, thought leader or asset with a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience. This recognition strengthens your personal brand and, by extension, your company’s brand too. Read More


How To Best Prepare For Giving Presentations

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Speaking publicly — whether running a meeting or as a presenter, keynote speaker, panelist or event host — is a valuable opportunity to communicate expertise, strengthen credibility and showcase your personal brand. Delivering presentations in front of audiences, large or small, also boosts professional visibility and sparks network growth and business opportunities. Read More

How To Make (& Stick With) A Better New Year’s Resolution

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As the end of the year approaches, it’s easy to fall into the New Year’s Resolution mindset, i.e., think about what you’ll start doing (or do differently) to achieve your goals in the coming year. The classics are all too familiar: go to the gym, eat healthier, sleep better etc. Professionally, common goals include kicking a job search into gear, networking, joining professional associations, seeking a promotion/raise etc. Read More

Introducing yourself

6 Mistakes To Avoid When Introducing Yourself

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When introducing yourself for the first time to someone, what you say and how you say it can shape and set the tone for the relationship. How you introduce yourself makes an important impression and reflects your personal brand. You control the message, which is important as it can become the sound bite that your new acquaintance uses to introduce you to others (especially if you meet at an event or when networking). Read More

boardroom with people

How To Highlight Board Experience In Your Personal Brand

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When considering a board search — whether as a first-time director or experienced one — take a close look at your personal brand to determine if your messaging highlights board experience (or board-relevant experience). It might sound surprising, but a strong personal brand of an executive or operational leader does not necessarily translate into that of an ideal board candidate. Read More