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LinkedIn Headshot

Why Your LinkedIn Headshot Matters

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Your LinkedIn headshot is an essential part of your profile and personal brand. It impacts how others see you at first glance and, by extension, what they assume (rightly or wrongly) about your competency, likeability and trustworthiness (not unlike the mere seconds it takes to make an impression when walking into a room). How you present yourself through your profile picture is critical to making a strong first impression, whether related to business and job opportunities, networking, speaking engagements or media inquiries etc. Read More

introduction shaking hands

How To Improve Introduction Etiquette

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Making and receiving introductions is helpful for all professionals, whether related to a potential job, board role, client, business opportunity or other resource. Introductions also bring together individuals with complimentary businesses, skills and research interests, as well as facilitate connections between people with commonalities (e.g., fellow alumni).
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Executive Presence

Executive Presence: The “It” Factor For Successful Leadership

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You’ve heard that executive presence drives success and progression at the senior level — but what is it really? While there’s no single definition, aspects of executive presence include charisma, poise under pressure, confidence, professional appearance and influence. A leader’s workplace actions and behaviors, as well as how that person makes others feel, reflect executive presence too. Read More

How To Change Your International CV To A Resume For A US Job Search

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When moving to the US from another country – or if you live in the US as an expat and English isn’t your first language – English business writing may not come so easily. This makes writing a resume an even bigger challenge… and it’s a challenge to start with for anyone! A strong resume is vital when looking for a new job, but how do you know if yours is at its best? Moreover, how do you know if the CV or resume you’ve used abroad follows standard practices for US-based resumes? Read More

Get connected to others through professional associations and college alumni organizations

Why You Should Join Professional & Alumni Associations

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Successful careers are built on a foundation that includes ongoing network growth and knowledge development.

Many organizations provide opportunities and support to meet these needs — especially professional associations and college alumni organizations — yet a surprising number of people don’t think to take advantage of them (until, perhaps, they’re looking for a job). Read More

Professional Bio - Whats your story

How To Write A Better Professional Bio

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As you advance in your career, a well-written professional bio can be an important part of your personal brand. Although generally not used when looking for a job (unless in conjunction with a resume and other materials), a bio is often essential when pursuing board roles, speaking engagements, media opportunities and even new clients. Read More