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Does your company deliver a consistent, positive brand experience through your people?
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"Point Road Group is a great partner, leading a goal-driven program that fit our people and culture. We came to them to help us more closely connect with prospects and clients to drive new business and a great client experience. They delivered on all fronts, elevating our people’s presence through LinkedIn, corporate bios, video presence and brand ambassadors."
Richard Gardiner, CMO, Edge Technology Group
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"After working with Point Road Group, we have a much stronger brand that connects with prospects. We needed a more clear and consistent message about who we are and how we help clients – and now we have that. PRG was a great partner, helping us improve how we introduce our brand through website content, corporate bios and company/individual LinkedIn profiles and content engagement. Everything is aligned and we’re seeing the increase in business already!"
Jenifer Steig, Partner, The Cheshire Group
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Your People Are Your Brand.

Employee behaviors and actions reflect your brand. These interactions shape relationships with prospects, customers and potential talent. When inconsistent or negative, they can weaken sales and profits. 
This is avoidable.
What are signs that your brand is at risk?
Conflicting company messaging on website, LinkedIn and elsewhere creates confusion about your brand value and target audience.
Executive team and key leaders in sales and HR speak inconsistently about your company, creating uncertainty and diminishing credibility.
Employee LinkedIn profiles underwhelm and weaken your brand instead of amplify it.
Your LinkedIn Company page doesn’t showcase brand value or culture, missing the opportunity to resonate with prospects and potential talent.
Slow email response and distraction during video meetings are commonplace, making others feel ignored or unimportant.
Don't let brand experience problems persist.
Take Action

Make Employees Your Best Asset.

Point Road Group will sharpen your brand message and how your people present themselves in-person and virtually, so they always demonstrate brand excellence.

Our high-touch program follows a 3-step process:

1. Discover

Identify your corporate and employee branding problems.

2. Design

Create a comprehensive and cost-effective solution to improve your weakest areas.

3. Deliver

Implement a measurable program with quality standards and report on success regularly.
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