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Whether your employees are entirely or partially remote or fully in the office, in today’s world, a very large part of business is conducted virtually. Virtual presence of employees is therefore critical to success. Point Road Group helps your entire team make better virtual impressions to strengthen connection and relationships, increase credibility and drive opportunities. We break down key components of virtual presence, including video meetings & presentations, effective communications, LinkedIn, managing and leading remotely, networking and more.

Strengthen communications

Response time, clarity and prioritization are some of the critical aspects of communications affecting team leadership, project management, employee relations, business development and customer experience. Even a few weak habits can create a negative impression of both an individual and their company. Strengthening communications reinforces brand reputation and trust and drives productivity and influence.

Amplify Your Brand

Employees are your best brand ambassadors. Through conversation, social media, email, presentations and more, every member of your team influences what people think and feel about your brand. According to LinkedIn, companies are 58% more likely to attract talent when high numbers of employees share quality content. Employees also convey brand values to their networks, which average 10X larger than company follower bases.

Reduce Social Media Liability

Your employees reflect your brand, for better or worse, across social media channels. It’s essential to get ahead of potential liabilities by training staff on social media best practices. Even if they only post personally and not on behalf of your company, they can have a serious impact on your corporate reputation — and the consequences can unfold rapidly. By providing clear guidance that supports your company’s social media policy, you mitigate a critical risk.

Attract & Grow Business

Much of sales and business development is now conducted partially or fully behind screens. The virtual impressions made by leaders and teams directly impact relationships with clients, referral partners and key stakeholders. These relationships are key to closing deals and driving revenue. When you help front-line teams make the best impressions across all touchpoints, you fuel their success and business growth.

Engage & Retain Talent

Providing employees with training and resources to better navigate how business is conducted today directly benefits talent development and retention. Those who have the tools to succeed are more engaged, effective and satisfied in their roles and want to stay with their employers. Companies with high employee engagement report 59% lower turnover than those without, significantly reducing costs.

Optimize The Changed Workplace

Whether your employees are fully or partially remote or are in the office full-time, the personal brands of everyone in your company — executive team, senior leaders and entire staff — carry greater impact in shaping business success. Now is the time to reimagine best practices so your employees are best equipped to navigate business today and are set up for long-term success.

Solutions Tailored To Your Company

Point Road Group delivers programs tailored to your corporate goals, brand and culture. We can also customize to functional areas, levels of experience and geographies.

Key Takeaways

Our Virtual Presence Optimization program helps your team drive presence, credibility, visibility and influence. They’ll receive actionable guidance to:

  • Improve presence & interaction during virtual meetings
  • Conduct virtual presentations with more impact
  • Communicate more effectively internally & externally
  • Optimize LinkedIn to drive visibility & connection
  • Strengthen remote team management & engagement
  • Network virtually with results 
  • Engage on social media without increasing corporate risk

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