Presentations & Workshops

Point Road Group motivates and engages with audiences of all sizes at private companies, start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, professional associations and nonprofits. We create interactive programs tailored to the unique needs and interests of each audience. We can customize to industry, functional area, professional level and special interests. Events always include actionable guidance and inspiration to drive professional advancement!

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Current topics include:

Optimizing Your Virtual Presence

Ensuring your team makes strong, positive virtual impressions is critical. They represent your company and brand internally to colleagues & externally to clients, business contacts, vendors, partners, investors, talent & other external stakeholders. Optimizing how they come across virtually impacts connection, relationships, credibility, opportunities and business. This session ensures your team is set up to make the best virtual impressions from every perspective.

Making Powerful Impressions

Everything you do as an executive or key leader reflects your personal brand and impacts the impressions you make both as an individual and as an essential representative of your organization. Learn how to optimize key components of your brand online (and in person) to ensure that the best message is communicated in all you do to drive visibility and influence.

Critical Steps To Land A Board Seat

Marketing yourself for a board seat takes considerable time and effort. Key areas to be covered include understanding board search timing, defining & articulating what you bring to the boardroom, updating your LinkedIn profile, writing a board-focused resume/bio and networking effectively (who to reach out to, what to say etc.).

Taking LinkedIn To The Next Level

How you connect with others, engage with content and present who you are in your profile are key to improving visibility and credibility on LinkedIn and growing your network in a meaningful way. This is particularly helpful when developing new relationships, pursuing new clients or business opportunities or looking for a promotion, board seat or speaking engagement. This session is highly beneficial for those who’ve been using LinkedIn for a while but want to take it to the next level.

Driving LinkedIn Visibility Through Content Engagement

A strong LinkedIn presence drives visibility, credibility, connection and influence. How you show up on LinkedIn includes ensuring you have an optimized profile, connect with others effectively and interact with content strategically. How you engage with content influences what people think about you and can impact opportunities. This program covers the differences between Liking, Sharing, Posting & Commenting (& how to optimize each), types of content to engage with, best practices for hashtags and tagging, as well as strategies for targeted engagement.

Communicating More Effectively

How you communicate – what you say and how you say it – shapes impressions you make on others and directly impacts opportunities and outcomes. Effective communication is critical when conducting presentations, working with clients, leading teams, developing relationships, pursuing new business, working with the media etc. Learn strategies to ensure your messaging and delivery are clear and concise so you achieve desired outcomes.

Networking Virtually For Business Success

Networking is a vital part of professional success both inside and outside your company. Discomfort with networking is the primary reason why people avoid it. And now when networking is primarily virtual, that adds to a lack of interest in doing it. This session prepares you to “get out there” virtually with more confidence so you won’t dread attending virtual meetings or events or connecting with people via LinkedIn or email. Best practices in cultivating relationships to grow your network in a meaningful way will also be covered.


Other topics we’ve covered include:

Creating A High-Impact Resume, How To Ace An Interview, Salary & Offer Negotiation, Job Search Bootcamp, Crash Course on Starting A Job Search, Making Powerful Impressions In-Person