Do Your Employees Make The Right Brand Impressions?

Employee personal brands influence what others think about your company. These digital and in-person impressions internally and externally impact relationships, opportunities and revenue.

Our programs impact business.

  • Help gain customers & drive revenue
  • Increase referrals & opportunities
  • Strengthen internal & external relationships
  • Improve stakeholder engagement
  • Improve visibility & credibility
  • Mitigate risk
  • Drive brand awareness

We help companies make powerful impressions through their people.

Corporate Services

Point Road Group works with private companies, Fortune 500 clients, start-ups, professional associations and nonprofits. We partner with leadership teams, departments, special groups and entire companies.

Our corporate services include LinkedIn training, digital presence engagements, personal branding programs, outplacement and executive coaching. We also lead webinars, workshops & presentations on digital impressions, LinkedIn, personal branding, networking, communications and career advancement.

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LinkedIn Training

This dynamic program helps your organization, department or team strengthen its company and employee brand presence to provide a competitive advantage and stronger brand in the marketplace.

Program may include:

  • Guidance on creating strong personal profiles through workshops, webinars & individual sessions
  • Strategies to connect more effectively & engage with content to drive visibility
  • Creation of LinkedIn profiles for selected staff (e.g., executive team, sales leadership)
  • Optimization or creation of LinkedIn company page
  • Coordination with photographer for headshots
Digital Presence

Ensuring your team makes strong, positive digital impressions is critical. They represent your company and brand to clients, business contacts, vendors, partners, investors, talent & many others. They also represent your brand internally every day to internal colleagues. Maximizing their digital presence impacts connection, relationships, credibility, opportunities and revenue. We ensure your team is set up to make the best digital impressions from every perspective.

  • Optimize video set-up
  • Best practices for video engagement & etiquette
  • Strengthen LinkedIn profile, connecting & content engagement
  • Manage distraction to improve effectiveness
  • Networking in a digital environment
  • Communications habits amidst new challenges
Personal Branding For Leaders & Teams

In partnership with your executive team, department heads or other groups, we help strengthen the personal brand of each leader. Considering organizational strategy, goals and audiences, we ensure that the team — altogether and as individuals — best represent your organization and corporate brand with consistent presentation and messaging.

Services may include:

  • Individual personal brand assessments with strategic, actionable recommendations
  • Material creation (executive bios, LinkedIn profiles)
  • Referrals to ancillary services (headshot photographer, stylist, presentation coach, creative designer, video producer)
Customized Outplacement

For executives and employees in transition, Point Road Group provides customized outplacement services and workshops tailored to your organization’s unique needs. We create thoughtful programs that align with your objectives and workplace culture during this challenging time.

  • Workshops and presentations on all aspects of the job search
  • Assessments of transitioning employees resumes, LinkedIn profiles & cover letters
  • Individual career consulting sessions
Executive Coaching

Effective leaders are engaged, flexible and inspire others. While they focus on advancing the company and it’s people, how much time to they devote to their own development? Many organizations assume that senior level executives have all the skills they need, yet professional development is ongoing and shouldn’t stop because of a title. We help your leaders continue to adapt and grow, and maximize their leadership potential.

We help your leaders:

  • Improve self-awareness & executive presence
  • Clarify development goals & refine strategies to achieve objectives
  • Align their personal brand with positioning
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Tackle challenges with an impartial sounding board
Presentations & Workshops

We partner with you to create customized virtual or in-person presentations & workshops that align with and support your organization’s needs and goals. We incorporate our deep knowledge and best practices for industries, functional areas, job levels and group makeup.

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Popular topics:

  • Strengthening Your Online Presence
  • Making Powerful Impressions
  • Taking LinkedIn To The Next Level
  • LinkedIn 101
  • Networking For Business Success
  • Communicating More Effectively
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Companies We’ve Worked With

Point Road Group partners with organizations of all types and sizes — private companies, Fortune 500 clients, start-ups, professional associations, nonprofits and universities. Selected organizations we’ve worked with (including some we’ve partnered with under our initial brand, Resume Strategists) are:

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